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“Successfully Completed” Seven-day workshop in Italy from 9th Oct to 15th October 2023, at Il Fornello, an Old Terracotta Factory with beautiful views set in the Umbrian countryside bordering Tuscany, Italy.

Next retreat from”29th March till 4th April, 2024″



Welcome to our transformative 7-day workshop, where Aristotle’s timeless wisdom, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” serves as our guiding light. We all lead multifaceted lives, a tapestry woven with strengths and weaknesses, successes, and setbacks. We are, in essence, a beautiful mosaic of different aspects of ourselves. Yet, we lose touch of our essence and our uniqueness as we try to juggle our lives to please and fulfil the demands of our work, family, and our social environments.
We often we get trapped in this constant struggle of who we want to be and who we become as our criterion for self-judgment for our behaviour and our efforts is influenced by the prevalent social constructs. As we constantly strive to be our best, our yearning for acceptance and approval from others can lead us to bury the aspects of ourselves we deem imperfect. These perceived imperfections can make us feel embarrassed, ashamed, insecure, and less of a being.

What does it hold?

In this journey of self-exploration, we will delve into the very core of our being to peel away the layers that make us who we are and re-connect with our essence. The workshop will help us embrace our inborn strengths and acknowledge our perceived weaknesses, as true growth and self-discovery begins with self-acceptance and the courage to embrace our entirety.

This workshop draws inspiration from the principles of Gestalt therapy, where the being in the present moment takes center stage. It is here, in the now, that we will connect with our essence and foster a more integrated sense of self. Together, we will embark on a journey of rediscovery, acceptance, and celebration of all that makes us who we are – the good and the not-so-good.

Throughout this transformative experience, you will sharpen your self-awareness and learn techniques to develop emotional agility. Empowered with this newfound clarity, you’ll find yourself making healthier choices and uncovering the path to a more fulfilling life.

As we embark on this journey of self-awareness, let us remember, “Awareness is not about fixing the world around you, it’s about fixing the world within you.” Join us as we unlock the potential of self-acceptance and self-discovery and embark on a remarkable voyage of personal growth and transformation. Together, we will weave our unique stories into a tapestry of authenticity and wholeness. Let’s embrace the beautiful and intricate mosaic that is our true selves.

How will it unfold?

The Seven-day workshop is divided in 5 different activities which will enhance your experience of connection with self.

Connecting to self, coaching sessions. In these 2-half day interactive sessions, you will be participating in group exercises to re-connect to your younger self and your essence. These sessions will help you reflect on all aspects of self, celebrating the good, acceptance of not so good, making a choice to learn, develop, change, or let go. With the new insights generated, all of the participants will write a story to their future self. The sessions will be self-reflective and working with the group.

Facilitator Navjeet Grewal* Navjeet a Psychological leadership coach, will facilitate these interactive group sessions.

1-2-1 coaching sessions: Each participant will also have two 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Navjeet, one before the workshop and one after to integrate the learning into your day to day lives.

Outcome: Through self-acceptance and awareness learn to navigate your emotions in challenging situations, re-framing your way of being, write your future story, learn new techniques to counter negative thinking and stress.

Connecting to self through Psychedelic Breath work: Psychedelic breathwork, often associated with holotropic Breathwork, is a technique that uses controlled, deep, and rhythmic breathing to induce altered states of consciousness. This practice can facilitate a profound connection to the inner self in the ways that it helps removal of negative thought patterns, Increased creativity and thought, newfound meaning and purpose, gain insight into your lives, experience mystical feelings and also recover from stress, addiction and chronic pain. During psychedelic breathwork, participants may experience emotional release and process unresolved emotions or traumas. Neuroscience research has shown that intense emotional experiences can lead to changes in brain activity and neural connections, promoting emotional healing, creativity, and resilience.

Facilitator Francesco Carco*, a highly trained facilitator from UK, will guide you through this amazing experience of gaining deep insight about yourself. This will a full one-day event.
Note- It’s important to note that psychedelic breathwork can be a profound and potentially intense experience, people who have certain issues should take medical advice.

Connecting to self through breathing Yoga: Breathing yoga also known as pranayama! Studies have demonstrated that pranayama can modulate the autonomic nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress makers in the body. Pranayama practices can influence brain regions involved in emotional processing, leading to improved emotional regulation and resilience. It helps you to improve your focus and attention, anxiety and mood regulation, regular pranayama supports brain health and neuroplasticity. It will help you calm your monkey brain and serve as a bridge between your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, facilitating a deeper understanding and connection with yourself and the world around you.

Facilitators Anjul*& Maine: – Learn pranayama from a highly qualified, trained, and experienced yoga teacher from India, both the facilitators will take turns to guide you engage with your chakras, perform breathing yoga to improve the emotional processing, attention, and awareness, to increase your consciousness towards being present, self-acceptance, life, and regeneration. Contact Maine:

Connecting to self through Cooking: Cooking allows us to express our creativity and individuality. It’s a form of art where we combine ingredients, flavours, and techniques to create something unique and reflective of our tastes and preferences. Cooking creatively and collaboratively can be an emotional and expressive experience. Neuroscience research indicates that emotions play a vital role in creative expression, as they can influence cognitive processing and decision making. Cooking allows individuals to channel their emotions into their creations, infusing dishes with personal meaning and uniqueness. Memory plays a crucial role in cooking creatively as we draw on past experiences, taste memories, and cultural experiences to create unique dishes.

Facilitated by Stina*: Stina has different idea for each day for creative and collaborative cooking in an outdoor kitchen, she will be guiding you to make your own fresh pasta, pizza. Using different flavours, textures, and ingredients the participants will connect to their creative self, the artistic self, the collaborative self. You can also cook your own favourite dish and immerse in knowing yourself better. Using the process of exploration and self-discovery extends beyond the kitchen, will help you understand what you truly like and dislike and explore the why behind your choices gives you a deeper insight into other areas of life as well.

Contact Stina if you have any questions:

Connecting to self being with Nature: Nature has a unique way of connecting us with our inner selves by providing opportunities for introspection, mindfulness, and self-awareness. It helps us appreciate the beauty and interconnectedness of life, fostering a sense of harmony with ourselves and the world around us. Research indicates that the natural environments promote a state of relaxation, leading to decreased anxiety and improved mood. Nature’s calming and awe-inspiring elements can stimulate the brain’s imagination and divergent thinking, leading to increased creativity, changes in the brain structure and connectivity leading to better emotional well-being.

Discover your deeper self while exploring flora and Fauna walking through fields enjoying the beautiful Tuscan Countryside and reflect and connect to your explorer and the adventurer self and the universe. Enjoy the hot Springs to relax your muscles and your mind to enhance your physical as well as emotional health. (Guided walks as well as all trips arranged to local towns and hot springs)

More about Facilitators:

*Navjeet Grewal: Navjeet is trained and experienced leadership and a psychological life coach. Navjeet has been coaching executives, senior leaders in various organisations in UK, India, America, and Canada. Navjeet’s transformational coaching is informed by various psychological and philosophical frameworks, Neuroscience, Systemic coaching framework, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Susan David’s Emotional Agility. In her coaching, she focuses on helping her client develop emotional agility. She has masters in psychological coaching, training in group facilitation, trained in vertical leadership development training, MBA, CAM, B.Sc. Contact for more at

*Francesco Carco: Francesco is an experienced psychedelic guide whose work incorporates trainings in NLP Master Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Hypno-CBT, EMDR, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Mindfulness, Meditation, Bodywork, Havening Techniques ®, Somatic Breathwork, and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT). He has been using breathwork for personal development for the last 6 years and he is now undergoing supervision from the Nordic Grof Breathwork © training group. He facilitates event in Denmark, Holland, Portugal, and Italy. As guide to altered states of consciousness he is completely committed to leading people through safe and life affirming psychedelic breathwork session. Contact for more information:

*Anjul: Experienced Yoga Therapist with specialisation in classical Yoga (Indian Philosophy) and Traditional Yoga (Patanjali Yoga and Hatha Yoga). She has Masters in Philosophy specialised in Yoga (Mumbai University, India), Diploma in Yoga Education, Certificate course in Yogic Therapy, Advanced Diploma in Yoga, she has been facilitating Yoga classes for larger groups of people for stress management and Life Style management, Manage stress and improved productivity.

*Stina: Stina Haglund is a Swedish entrepreneur and cultural analyst. She works with creating innovation by diversity and building creative places for people to meet. In Sweden she runs two different companies and Il fornello is her passion project. ( Stina spends in average one week per month in Italy and have gotten to know the locals in the area. She will share her knowledge of making pizza and pasta and also arrange the walks, trips to hot springs as well as other tours of the area sharing her secret spaces with us.

For more information, booking and detail schedule.
Cost for 7-day workshop- £1650 if you book it by 31st January. After 31st January the price is – £2100

Included: The Price includes: 6-nights accommodation, two 1-2-1 virtual coaching sessions, 2 Half Day Group sessions, two half days of Psychedelic Breathwork, morning Yoga every day, Food & Drinks, Breakfast (each morning), light Lunch every day, Four Dinners, Nature walks & Trips to Hot Springs, wine tasting tour.

Not Included: Travel to Italy & back, two dinners (one at the local restaurant and one preparing meal of your choice) which the participants pay themselves.

Reservation: 10% non- refundable

Cancellation: A full refund except the 10% reservation fee applies for cancellation up to 30 days before the arrival date.
For Booking, Payment, and detail schedule- Contact Navjeet Grewal, +447908594330

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