Ray Edwards,

Chief equity & Inclusion Officer, Innovation, Science & Economic Development, Canada

I had the benefit of working through some challenging issues leading change in a large organisation. What I appreciated most in our interactions was her ability to get through to get to the nub of issues through her questions and her ability to challenge me. I felt she understood where i was coming from but helped me work through the issues with pragmatism and insight. I would certainly recommend Navjeet as an executive coach and thought partner.

Lisa Vogwill,

Deputy Director of Nursing and quality, NHS Trust

The sessions have helped me to realise and talk through critical problems and explore what I need to do to move forwards. it has given me the confidence to have challenging conversations. It has supported me to review my practice but also not to spend too much time over analysing. My coach has been fantastic and flexible in order to meet my availability which has worked for my working in a busy NHS. She has been kind and supportive but also challenged me which has been has helped me to develop and move up in my career.

Vivek Soni,

Deputy Chief pharmacist & Clinical Director of NHS Trust

Really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Navjeet. The sessions were a great opportunity to really get the headspace to think, reflect, problem solve and develop. I would definitely recommend her to others looking to develop personally and professionally.

Lisette Sens,

Director of channel International at Aryaka Networks

Navjeet has a unique and powerful way of helping you look at the situations from a whole new perspective, enabling you to make simple shifts that helps create dramatic results. Her coaching has helped me gain valuable insights and clearly identify the areas to focus on. She has a very flexible and objective approach with the right balance of support and challenge to see a clearer path both in solving leadership issues and achieving personal development goals.

Jazz Rehal,

Corporate Communication Business Partner

Navjeet has a talent for honing into the heart of an issue. She supported me during a difficult transition period of my life and helped me view my situation and feelings more objectively. Navjeet has a wonderful way of facilitating discussions with empathy while offering razor sharp insight. During my work with her I learnt to look at things through a different lens and develop resilience to work through what felt like insurmountable issues. I would highly recommend her any personal or professional coaching.

Helen Bennet,

Director Business Network- Seminar “Power of Vision”

Thanks for your excellent seminar last week in London. It was very well received by all participants and the feedback has been very positive. You transform people’s lives. Wish you all the best.

Roop Gill Axelsen,

Product Lead at Charlotte Tilbury

Navjeet is an excellent coach! She helped progress in my career and helped me gain valuable insight. Navjeet asks very focussed questions which helps unlock valuable reflections. This has helped me manage challenging relations at the workplace. The insights gained during the sessions have helped me sustain positive change.

Dr Shalini Gupta,

Vice Chancellor at Desh Bhagat University, India

Navjeet did a workshop with us on Mental Health and Wellbeing, in May,2020. The workshop was very insightful for the students as well as the teachers. The session was very interactive, it helped raise lot of awareness around mental health from a psychological perspective and it helped us gather lot of useful tips to identify and deal with the issues related to mental health and mental wellbeing.

Gurd Singh,

Associate Director (Google B2B)

"I have worked with Navjeet for last one year and within that time, she enabled me to achieve a range of goals which initially I had considered far beyond my capability. I believe that Navjeet has a fantastic approach to coaching. Using a friendly and a non-intrusive approach to understand the "challenge areas" both in and outside work, she was able to help identify the root causes of these challenges. With this new knowledge and mindset, I have been able to drop the limiting beliefs/negative mental habits and adopt an attitude which encourages me to raise the bar and welcome new challenges".

Parveen Gill,

Educator/ Hr Leader/ Employee wellbeing: Humber College, Canada

“Navjeet’s style of coaching is unique, collaborative, and holistic. Among countless virtues she has, her listening skills and her connectedness make her the best coach. Having lived in India, Japan, and UK, gives her a deep understanding of socio-cultural aspects, and strengthens her analysis which helped me overcome my issues at work. Navjeet has been an amazing and extremely effective coach in assisting me through my professional as well as personal challenges.

Paul Mounce,

Partner in private client department in Gosschalks

“Navjeet provided a fantastic coaching session. I went in not sure what to expect but Navjeet guided me through the process and got me to think about the issues I was facing. Her very focussed questions helped me look at my problems from a different perspective. She is a great listener and she provided that space which helped me come up with the answers I was looking for”.