navjeet Grewal

Psychological coaching

What is psychological coaching?

 Psychological coaching focusses on unfolding and unlocking human potential underpinned by solid understanding the psychology and philosophy of human experience. Being a Psychological coach, I integrate psychological, philosophical approaches as well as aspects of Neuroscience to help clients holistically develop awareness of their environment, their thought process, their behaviours, meaning making and logic behind their assumptions.

The conversations help clients to understand the psychology and philosophy behind complex relationships. The conversations help clients analyse their challenges and relations through a psychological lens helping them uncover different perspectives to successfully manage complex situations. 



Psychological coaching focuses on

  • Psychological coaching focusses on coaching the person for transformative change rather than just helping the person to solve the problem at hand which most of the other coaches do.


  • The psychological coach uses various psychological frameworks to inform their assessment of their client’s needs and the moment-to-moment information emerging during the conversation. It helps the client uncover the patterns, blind spots as the coach considers all the factors which affect human mind and behaviour. To assist the clients to undergo long lasting transformative and holistic change. It helps the clients uncover the deep anxieties, be fully informed about.


  • A collaborative and relational orientation to coaching significantly effects the flow and outcome of the work between the coach and the client. Psychological coaching draws on psychotherapy outcome research that demonstrates that the relationship between the client and the practitioner has a deep psychological impact on essential aspects for facilitating change.


  • The psychological coach pays attention to subtle yet extremely potent forces at work in human relationships that influences the ways in which the coach and the client think, reflect, and make meaning together.


  • A psychological coach can help you to understand the psychology behind the complex relationships to strengthen the relationships with your bosses, peers, direct reports, and various other stakeholders.