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Hi I am Navjeet Grewal!

I am an Executive Coach; I specialise in coaching for Leadership development and leadership effectiveness. I have more than 20 years of experience of working across the world as well as coaching clients in various positions. I have coached middle management, Senior Executives, Leadership positions, C-suite, CEOs, head of the organisations. I have helped many clients successfully transition into leadership roles.

As a psychological coach, my coaching conversations are informed by a combination of various approaches and frameworks such as psychological, existential, humanistic, neuroscience, psycho-somatic, systemic, emotional intelligence, adult learning development frameworks. This helps me understand the nuances of my client’s experiences better than most other coaches. As a result, my coaching questions lead to a deeper enquiry which helps a coachee uncover deep insights, this process also elevates their learning and development resulting in achieving greater results and long-lasting changes as compared to working with other coaches.

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More About Me: In my spare time I have been helping young offenders find their footing again by volunteering with the Youth Offending Team of the Slough Children’s Services Trust since 2009. I continue to provide free assistance and coaching for the benefit of young people in the UK. I am also a volunteer Coach at Shaw Trust helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and reaching their goals to lead a happy and stress-free life.

Some of the clients:

Some of my clients work with companies like Education Scotland, Reckitt & Benckiser, Augentius UK, Mimecast UK, NHS, Shaw Trust, Youth Offending Team, Slough, Charlotte Tilbury, Innovation Science and Economic Development of Canada, Humber College Canada.


My qualifications: